Control Theory

Transfer Functions - poles and zeroes all topologies

Feedback loops Recom

cer v elco op caps.pdf

Output caps effect

Control loop theory CBasso.pdf

C Basso Control Theory

GFT Article v[1].3.1.pdf

Middlebrook GFT theory


Middlebrook GFT manual

Loop comp SMPS.pdf

Linear tech Control theory

measuring tf.pdf

TI  Measuring Transfer Functions


New Slope Compensation Method

pk v avg maxim.pdf

Maxim  - Peak v. Av Current Mode Control

Practical Control Design for Power Supplies-eu_VN 2005_04-20b_628583.pdf

Fairchild - Control Loop Design

slope compensation slua101.pdf

TI - analysis of Current Mode Converter


TI - Compensation made easy

slva301 VM buck loop stab cap esr zero.pdf

TI - Voltage mode Buck stability

SMPS TL431.pdf

TL-431 in control loops


Optocouplers in control loops

Transfer functions.pdf

Transfer Functions

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